Happy Belated, Barbie!

Yesterday was the anniversary of the debut of one of my favorite girls, Barbie.

I spent many an afternoon holed up in my room with my boxes of dolls & clothes, which I saved up my allowance to buy at yard sales on the weekends.

In fact my room was a nice little Barbie village due to 3 houses, a camper, 3 cars, an airplane, & the 2 boxes of clothing (casual wear & evening wear, of course). I even had a little box just for shoes.

{Since 90% of that was from yard sales I had an interesting collection, including a vintage 70’s yellow & orange house alongside the 80’s neon pink one. Luckily my room decor has improved since then!}

Now that I’m older my favorites are the vintage Barbies that were so glamorous & so different from my own crimped hair collection.

And since I’m now way too old to play with Barbies anymore, I think these would be sufficient to keep her in my life, don’t you think?

Anyone else have fond Barbie memories?



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2 Responses to Happy Belated, Barbie!

  1. Glitterista says:

    Love Barbie! I hope I can buy Barbies again someday for a niece or daughter. 🙂

  2. So fun! i definitely had a barbie for a bit as a kid – classic memories!

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