Looking through my photos this weekend I realized I’d never shared my wedding photos.

{The bachelorette, yes. Priorities, people.}

So here’s some snapshots of the day, thanks to the lovely Vera Pakizer.




We got married in Williamsburg, Virginia (where my parents now live), with the reception at the Williamsburg Winery,  & some great bridal photos at both the winery & Colonial Williamsburg,

{And yes, we did scope out photo ops beforehand to guarantee there would be one in the stocks. Such romance!}

It was pretty much the perfect day & while I love reliving it through photos I am pretty happy to never have to plan it again!

So hope you enjoyed the glimpse & next week I’ll share our not-so-typical honeymoon photos!

{They may involve mummies}

And on an unrelated note, make sure to read the Everygirl  interview with Bakerella‘s Angie Dudley, creator of cake pops. Because you know how much I love my cake pops!


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9 Responses to 9/20/08

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You look so pretty! I love the monogram on cake, the bouquet and bridesmaids dresses. Such great colors for a wedding.

  2. Glitterista says:

    Love these pictures! I adore your dress, and the purple sash. 🙂

  3. tracy says:

    Your wedding looks so lovely and you look beautiful. I love the gorgeous purple flowers and that purple sash.

  4. Oh what a sweet, personal interpretation. Also, what a beautiful wedding you had! Love that you made this personal, we get to learn more about you 🙂

  5. OMG I’m so lame [and sleepy] for some reason, I thought you changed your old post to this one 😦 Either way, you still look beautiful! ha

  6. Ruth says:

    Your dress is beautiful

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