The Ten: Ashley in DC

I’m excited to have the first DC-based blog on The Ten!

Ashley in DC has a great blog on fashion & is also a member of CapFABB– clearly you have to love her!

I like a wide range of music, but anything hip-hop with a Latin flair will do it for me.

(If Shake Senora (Remix) by Pitbull doesn’t make you get up & dance, nothing will!)

One of my very favorite books is Memoirs of a Geisha.

Lucy Ricardo of I Love Lucy… or any ofThe Golden Girls.

I try not to feel guilty about taking pleasure in anything (life is too short)… although I SHOULD probably feel guilty about my unhealthy addiction to trashy reality TV, specificallyThe Bachelor and the Real Housewives.

Avocados stuffed with lemon-garlic tilapia.

Ballroom dancing! I would love to be able to dance like the pros on Dancing with the Stars (& there’s the reality TV thing again!).




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