A Yuppie’s Wishlist

There are a lot of things I’ve added to my wishlist lately.

I probably shouldn’t be wanting anything days after my birthday, but there it is. I’m a brat who likes pretty things & keeps getting new ideas from bloggers. There we go- I’m helpless after reading blogs. Its their fault.

So here’s everything I’ve been coveting:


This stupid skirt. Its been taunting me every time I walk into Target & all they’ve had is extra-large. Its sold out online & I can’t find it anywhere. And I can’t even look up online if there’s any in stock because it claims its not sold in stores. Lies!

It’s been driving me nuts!!!!! I want it!!!!!!


On a less frustrating note, Things That Sparkle had these iPad covers on her blog last week. I love them so much but unfortunately our iPad was my husband’s Christmas gift so I don’t think he’d appreciate me putting a pretty cover on it.


This look from Ruche is great to transition from winter to spring, which DC seems to be in a constant state of. Pretty outfit to wear in March for when it decides to be freezing or 60 degrees out!


There’s always at least one Kate Spade handbag on my list but I love the bright punchy color.

{Clearly I’m in the mood for spring to come!}


I would love to be as put together & witty as the contributors to the new online resource The Everygirl. Launched last week it looks like it’ll easily become one of my favorite new sites with advice from careers to fashion to travel to finances.

Pretty much what you’d love from your favorite magazine without any of the celebrity babble (official term).


Finally, I want more time for Downton Abbey. I have been told by multiple friends to start watching & I’m now addicted. The first episode was a little slow for me but I’m totally sucked in & do not have enough hours in the day to watch more.

{Ok, I would take spring or a good snow day to curl up on the couch. This in between in not acceptable, though.}

Alright friends, your  turn:

What is on your current wishlist?


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2 Responses to A Yuppie’s Wishlist

  1. Jana McBroom says:

    Downton Abbey!! You MUST watch. I plan to watch both seasons AGAIN before the third season comes on this fall. And that Target skirt is pretty darn cute. Might have to see if they have it here in Texas!

  2. Love love love that skirt! And agree re: Downtown Abbey – I want to get caught up asap!

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