Let me preface this post by saying I am a HUGE Broadway dork. HUGE.

I spent many hours prancing around my room as a child, acting out Phantom of the Opera & Cats. I spent my entire school career singing, whether in choir or taking voice lessons. I even intended to major in music in college (let’s just say that didn’t work out too well).

As it is I’m currently still taking voice lessons & auditioning every once in awhile for local theater productions. I just want to pretend I’m Kristin Chenoweth sometimes!

{Speaking of, anyone else planning on watching GCB? Anything with Ms.Chenoweth I have to watch!)

So when I heard that NBC was doing a behind-the-scenes of a Broadway show drama, of course I was on board. I had some hesitations because that premise would either be really, really good or really, really terrible.


Oh my, is it good!

{I may even dare to say I enjoy it more than my other musical tv show, Glee!}

The premise is the creation of Marilyn: The Musical – from the initial writing of the first songs to casting to choreographing, the show plans to cover all the politics & drama that goes into putting on a Broadway production.


The two leads are Katherine McPhee & Megan Hilty- both strong singers, though in real life Hilty’s actual Broadway background are no match for McPhee (yes, of American Idol fame).

 The music itself is a mix of pop songs & original music. The original stuff is actually pretty good & you can easily see it being part of a hit musical. All of the songs are realistic in that they’re sung in auditions, performances, etc.


Give Smash a chance because although the idea of it might sound scary it’s a really solid drama with a lot of talent working on it.

(Angelica Houston & Debra Messing to name the most famous).

Anyone else obsessed with it?


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2 Responses to Smashed

  1. molly says:

    ah i’ve heard about this show! i want to watch it… i LOVE broadway, the energy, the dancing, all of it. if i were born into another life, i’d totally want to be a broadway singer/dancer/

  2. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    I am so in love with SMASH. I too am a Broadway dork (no actual talent of my own to speak of though). The music is amazing and all of the acting is great. I think they cast each character perfectly. Can’t wait for more episodes!

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