Monday Musings

After such a great weekend I’m really sad that its Monday.

And like all good birthdays, mine revolved around delicious food.

Looking back through the photos it was pretty decadent & I may need to eat a lot of salad this week to make up for it! Definitely worth it though.

 Thursday we had friends over & went to Buzz Bakery for dessert- my pomegrante lemon cupcake was a good way to kick off my eating extravanganza.

Friday night my husband took me to Gran Cru for wine & cheese fondue- as close to Paris as we could get.

Saturday morning kicked off my actual birthday so I went to brunch at Market Tavern with a friend while my husband played soccer. Bellinis & eggs benedict were much more fun than running around in the cold!

My husband & I walked around window shopping for a bit, I took a nap on the couch while he watched golf (puts me to sleep every time), & then it was time to meet up with friends for….

a french fry crawl!

 My husband has this brilliant idea of going restaurant hopping to taste the variety of french fries that our area has to offer. We picked 4 places (apparently I forgot to take a picture at the 3rd) & made rating cards for everyone to fill out.

{I would also like to point out we split the fries in the group of 10- I did not eat all of that. However if I were forced to I probably would’ve tried!}

The first fries were a hit at Lyon Hall & we thought they’d be hard to beat. The next stop was BGR, with our burnt sweet potato fries. We were all ready to give them terrible scores & then a new batch came out looking delicious.  Clearly we got the end of the batch! Next we went to Cava for disco fries, which were difficult to eat while standing & perhaps a little too hearty for the middle of a fry crawl. We ended at Liberty Tavern where the fries were not only as delicious as Lyon Hall (they are owned by the same people, so not surprising) but the sauces were amazing! I think they might be the winners!

{Or perhaps we need to have a fry-off between the two. Another excuse to eat an absurd amount of french fries!}

It was a great evening, with terrific friends, & lots of great food.

And I looked pretty cute too, thanks to settling on an outfit inspired by Kendi Everyday:

 I was pretty excited looking through her blog that I had close to the same outfit. Woohoo!

{Sorry for the late-night iPhone photo. Its the best I could do!}

Successful start to my last year in my twenties (yikes!) though its back to a normal diet for me this week. I’m getting old- I can’t live off of french fries & cupcakes!

Anyone else eat exciting meals this weekend?


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4 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    Happy, happy 29th birthday!!!! I love that you were celebrated all weekend. And, yes, you look adorable!!! Even better than your inspiration photo. Way better!!!

    We finally booked a trip to D.C. – 3rd weekend in March – with our boys. Any suggestions for us?
    xo Elizabeth

    • How exciting! Weather is iffy in March but if its nice the zoo is always fun. I would also suggest the Spy Museum b/c there’s a lot of interactive things to do for all ages. Hopefully it will be nice out so you can see the monuments.

  2. Koos K. says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Are you a Pisces too? My birthday is March 8th =)

    Enjoy 29!!!!

    Krystal K.

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