Monday Musings

To all of you stuck at work- I’m sorry. But sleeping in today was quite lovely 🙂

We’re finishing up our Valentine’s celebrations today (going to see our terrible movie– the winner of this year is Joruney 2– how exciting?!), just in time for Fat Tuesday tomorrow and my birthday on Saturday. I like these back to back holidays!

We had our annual wine tour on Saturday, recovery on Sunday, and a day off today. Overall its hard to beat that kind of weekend!

I spent most of Thursday night trying to make cake pops that looked like Sweetheart candies. The hearts came out, the edible red pen not so much. Saturday morning I made my husband a Valentine’s brunch, successfully & without setting anything on fire. That’s two baking experiments that went off without a hitch a new record for this Yuppie!

The reward was a beautiful day with friends & wine. We rented a van to take us out to the Leesburg wineries, drank a lot of wine, ate some  homemade snacks, and celebrated a new engagement.The best part was it was gorgeous and involved no winter coats!

{I of course spilled red wine on my favorite leather jacket. Miraculously cold water alone got it out! Whew.}

Even the waffles were in heart shapes!

{You can’t tell but I totally threw on jeans & called it a day– just what I wanted to avoid! Oh well, I did copy the flower idea.}

A perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s & an excuse to spend a great day with friends!

Now, on to preparing for a mini-Mardi Gras tomorrow night!


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2 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Love the photos!

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