The Magic Table

My parents came to visit us last weekend & we had grand plans that promptly got cancelled once I got food poisoning. (I felt bad for them until we figured out it was the food they brought- trying to poison their own daughter……)

While my dad & husband were out grocery shopping, my mom & I decided to mentally decorate our house. A lot of our rooms feel incomplete so I tried to pick her brain, look through some inspiration on Pinterest, & figure out what we needed.

We focused on the front room, which needs a rug & something mysterious by the front door. We settled on some sort of skinny table to hold mail, the puppy’s leashes, & keys. It needed to be small enough to fit by the radiator, black to go with other furniture, & functional to hold some of our stuff.

So great. That was going to be easy.

By the time the boys came back we had moved on to celebrity gossip & forgot about our plans….. until my husband took the dog for a walk & came back with this:

Found by the side of the street, with only one scratch, & in otherwise perfect condition. And completely unaware of the conversation my mom & I had, he somehow conjured up exactly what we had imagined.

{I’m now imagining diamonds. Lots & lots of diamonds.}

It fits perfectly, the baskets hide our mess, & it looks amazing in our front room.

And it was free.


We did clean it & will touch up the marks, but seriously how did this just appear?!

Is it just us or has anyone else ever gotten a freebie from the curb?

{Please say yes…. this will be embarrassing otherwise!}


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5 Responses to The Magic Table

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Some of the great treasures can be found on the curb but I’ve never scored anything like this!

  2. Jana McBroom says:

    My mom is the queen of side of the road pick ups. We did get a couch one time that my son used for years.

  3. Jana McBroom says:

    I have a bog design related question. There is a little “follow” box that pops up on your blog. Is that a new thing from WordPress? I have searched and searched WordPress trying to find a way for people to subscribe and I haven’t found it yet.

  4. a loyal love says:

    I love hearing stories like this! The only treasure I’ve found on the street was a mint condition cork board. I felt strange taking it but knew it would be a perfect inspiration board! Embarrassing part – I was on the way to the gym. So I took it with me 🙂 not on the treadmill but into the ladies locker room.

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