{Tuesday} Musings

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!


Is anyone else wearing red or pink to work today? I think my students are a little embarrassed by me!

Last week I organized my first field trip and let me tell you- I now realize why we didn’t go on more in school. What a stressful experience!

But I was excited to bring my students to the Capitol, not only to see government in action but also to show off my favorite building in D.C.

I interned on the Hill right after college & perhaps the best part was giving tours (okay, second best part. The best was riding the underground subway). The building has some of the most beautiful architecture in the city & of course the history in those halls gets me every time.

Now that the Capitol Visitor’s Center is open it is even easier to get tours, see the House or Senate galleries, & learn some of the history of the building.

Or just look at the pretty ceilings 🙂


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2 Responses to {Tuesday} Musings

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love the Rotunda. It is a great tour! Happy Valentine’s Day-I used a similar pic but yours is way cuter!

  2. pretty pink tulips says:

    My boys are dying to get to D.C. to see all the sights. I haven’t been there since I interned there during college. I wasn’t on the hill, but spent some time there. I vowed to go back there after college…well, you can see I didn’t quite make it. But, it’s on my 2012 agenda!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!
    xo Elizabeth

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