Valentine’s Wishlist

We’re one day away from Valentine’s Day- yikes!

I’m postponing my Monday Musings rundown until tomorrow, since by then it will be too late to plan for the holiday!

I’ve been looking around for inspiration to try to celebrate the holiday right with fun little touches & thought I’d share my favorites!

These are definitely an upgrade from drugstore Valentines- and the best part is they’re free! You just need to print & send!

We’re extending Valentine’s until this weekend, going on our annual wine tour. So before we head out I thought it’d be nice for me to make my husband a delicious brunch (considering he always makes it for me!).

I love how this is simple yet feels special for the occasion

I’m loving these chocolates– perfect for a man who might not appreciate their candy in heart shape boxes.

I’m very much guilty of dressing for the holiday & maybe verging on cheesiness. I love this sweater that is so perfect for tomorrow yet can be worn for the rest of winter.

Sometimes its more romantic to have a night in & I like the idea of watching a movie that has special meaning to you- either from one of your first dates or a special trip you took.

{Seeing as how one of our first movie dates was the 4 hour Civil War movie God & Generals, I think I rather go with a Paris-themed movie!)

So what are your big plans for Valentine’s Day?


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One Response to Valentine’s Wishlist

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    I was so focused on my husband’s bday dinner this past weekend that I haven’t planned much at all for Valentines. These are great ideas. I loved Midnight in Paris and the next movie I want to see is The Vow…had tears in my eyes this morning listening to the actual couple the movie is based on. It’s a true story, can you believe?

    xoxo Elizabeth

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