Single Gals in the City

In college my roommate organized a Valentine’s weekend that made this attached girl annoyed she had to go to dinner with her boyfriend.

{Ok, not too annoyed, but I was still bummed I missed out on this!}

She arranged an open house for any girls who wanted to stop by throughout the weekend, where they would find her with plenty of wine, snacks, & episodes of Sex & The City.

That’s right: she spent the whole weekend in pajamas, on the couch, getting takeout, & hanging out with Carrie & company.

So. Jealous.

I married that boyfriend (so I guess that worked out!) but have always thought  that this was an amazing way to spend Valentine’s Day. Friends came & went the whole weekend, dropping by for an episode (or seven), whenever it worked for them.

So who needs a Valentine when you’ve got comfy slippers, your girls, some wine, & a phone that will get you food without ever leaving your living room.



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One Response to Single Gals in the City

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    I think a girlfriends’ Valentine’s weekend would be a blast!!! I’m now in a home where I’m surrounded by males. Even my 4th grader is rolling his eyes at the idea of giving Valentines to his classmates.

    Luckily, I have Molly, who lets me dress her up in pink to my heart’s content!!
    xo Elizabeth

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