Trend Report: Pink & Red

It’s time to start prepping for Valentine’s Day festivities, so clearly this color combination is all over the place.

And while I normally would never put these two colors together, I loved the look on Emma Stone:


Perhaps this may be too much on February 14 but would still look great for cocktails or brunch with girlfriends the weekend before!



Anyone else brave enough to put these two colors together?

{I kind of love the striped skirt!}


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3 Responses to Trend Report: Pink & Red

  1. Love pink and red…….a few years ago wouldnt have been so brazen and bold to try it but its a whole new me and I have started getting a litlte more daring and must say the colors look beautiful together!
    Nice to “meet” you!

  2. liz morten says:

    I never realized red and pink went together until I saw my Mother in law’s den in Florida. Its terrific.

  3. wonderfelle says:

    This is one of my favorite combinations right now! Emma Stone looks amazing and I adore the 2 tone dress!

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