Valentine’s Prep!

Valentine’s Day has always been fun for me, mainly because I was guaranteed at least one box of chocolates from my parents.

And while I was not pining away for a boyfriend every year, I was looking forward to having romantic dates every February 14.

Fast forward to 2012, where I will be spending my 10th Valentine’s Day with my lovely husband. In the most romantic way possible- drinking too much with our friends & watching a terrible movie.

Somehow we have established traditions that have little to do with love and romance, but that is still very “us”.

Our group of friends has been going on a wine tour for the past 3 years and although numbers are dropping (apparently winery hopping is not fun for pregnant ladies) we’re still going strong. For a few more years at least!

Our other tradition is one that I can only credit to my husband. For some unknown reason he came up with the idea that our Valentine’s date would be to see a movie. But the last one we would ever imagine the two of us going to watch.

I don’t know how this happened either.

But I’ve spent the last 4 Valentine’s watching Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, The Wolfman, Pink Panther 2, and Never Say Never.

Its at least become a good conversation topic!

We don’t know yet what this year’s winner will be but we do have some good early contenders.

{I usually make him take me out to dinner anyways to make up for these terrible movies!}

So while we’re researching movies and prepping for the wine tour (cake pops will clearly be involved), I thought it might be time to get our house a bit more festive.

A Thoughtful Place posted her gorgeous mantel and I am beyond envious. Using it as inspiration here is what I came up with:

All of these were things I already owned, which was a big plus.

Since I don’t have a fireplace my piano (which faces the front door) substitutes. There’s a lot going on with two wedding photos on the wall above it, so I tried to simplify the decor.

The amazing subway print is from The Bonjour Family and is free to print!

The vase with berries is leftover from Christmas but I like how the branches look with the sweet pink and white theme.

I do think I need to tweak it a bit but for scrounging up items from the house, I’m pretty happy with it.

So at least part of our house is all set for the romantic side of Valentine’s Day!

What traditions do you have?

And do you have any recommendations for our 2012 movie?


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2 Responses to Valentine’s Prep!

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    Love that you have a tradition!! I’m not sure we do, but I always decorate the breakfast table for my boys (Grant leaves very early) with a special table setting, chocolate valentine candy and little stuffed animals.

    I always decorate my front door, so right now my sparkly red heart is hanging there.

    As for movie recommendations, the Artist looks amazing. Our latest views have been Moneyball (loved it), Just in Tim (not so much) and the Double (better than expected). Of course, my caveat…we always watch our movies at home, so I’m probably not as up to date as you! 🙂

    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I love all your decorations. I met my husband 10 years ago on Vday weekend in Vail! Our tradition which we started years ago while living in DC is to make fajitas. Our daughter’s future husband will thank us as she’ll expect fajitas every Valentine’s Day.

    Have you seen Midnight in Paris? Love that movie!

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