Monday Musings

A very exciting night for this Giants fan makes for a very tired morning!

I’m armed with my Dr.Pepper but still think a nap may be in order when I get home. Overall we spent a relaxing weekend at home, then geared up for the big game yesterday.

We went all out with the nachos at Ragtime for the first half (and got suckered into buying a Bud Light Platinum. Those commercials get ya!) then went over to our fellow Giants fans to finish the game with friends.

I also impressed everyone with my sports gear- high fashion for the game! Though I think its time I get a jersey & think I informed my husband of that a few times last night.

{I’ve got a birthday coming up, so its a reasonable request, right?}

A great conclusion to the weekend but now I’m back at work & need to somehow get through the day without falling asleep at my desk 🙂

I think I’m too old to stay up this late on a school night!

Anyone have exciting plans last night, Super Bowl or other?


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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. So fun! I love any reason to party- Superbowl included. I ate way too much food. So many taquitos!

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