Go Gmen!

I may be a Virginia girl but am married to a Jersey boy.

And with no allegiance to the Redskins, I was an easy Giants convert.

(Which I also have to give credit to two of my favorite Jersey girls for making it their mission one year to get me into football).

Needless to say I’ll be rocking the blue tomorrow but if you need some options on what to wear for the big game, may I suggest checking out The Style Ref?

Having met the lovely Style Ref at the recent CapFABB event, I wanted to pass along her unique blog that combines a love of sports with fashion.

So get your Giants outfit ready for tomorrow (oh, ok, I suppose you can wear a Patriots outfit) to at least pretend to cheer on a team, even if you’re only there for the snacks & commercials.

{Don’t make Eli cry- root for the Giants!}



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