The Ten: Fairy Tales Are True

I’m so thrilled to be kicking off a new series today!

I’ve asked some of my favorite bloggers ten questions to get to know them in a way that might not come through on their blogs.

And to get us started we have the fabulous Sarah from Fairy Tales Are True.

Not only has this woman recently started her own business, runs a gorgeous blog, makes time for her husband & adorable puppy, but she has also been through a lot that makes it so inspiring to read her blog.

So head on over to check her out after reading her Ten.

Beyonce. I have a slight obsession.

The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls.

Jo March from Little Women.

I love ABC family tv shows. Or any teen drama. I am 28. I’m not sure I’ll ever grow out of it.

That’s tough. I love the 20’s and the 60’s. I think I could fit into either.


Vegetable lasagna.

I wish I could snap my fingers and everything be organized and clean (:


Photo Credits: 1/2/3


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3 Responses to The Ten: Fairy Tales Are True

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    Love your new series!!! Also, love Sarah’s answers. I adore Beyonce and Jo March from Little Women.

    Hope your weekend is like a fairytale!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. What a great interview! It’s always great to learn a little more about my favorite bloggers – thanks for sharing!

  3. a loyal love says:

    Thanks for introducing me to another great blogger!

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