Yuppie Trend Report: neon

By now it should be pretty clear that my natural style aesthetic is very classic & preppy.

But I am trying to branch out & incorporate more trends into my outfits.

So I’m taking trends & figuring out three ways to wear them: just a touch (for the trend-adverse), a tad more (more noticeable but still a bit subtle) or for the adventurous- making a statement (too scary for me!).

Neon was the clear choice to kick off the series. It is EVERYWHERE! The runway, magazines, blogs, stores….. you can’t get away from it. I even wore neon nails & a shirt in Miami!

Still scared of it? You can pick your comfort level while still being able to rock the trend:

shop the looks


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2 Responses to Yuppie Trend Report: neon

  1. Sara says:

    I’m a little afraid of neon but I’m willing to try it if I have a bit of a tan. With my pale skin it’s a definite no-no, it seems. Maybe something simple like a belt will do the trick, though!

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