Miami: Dash

At first I was embarrassed to admit this.

But once we started walking around South Beach with our bags we got stopped no less than eight times to be asked where the store was.

So I guess the Kardashians are a pretty common guilty pleasure.

And although I can’t say I’m a devotee of the show, going to their store Dash was pretty much the first thing Kat & I decided we must do.

Located in South Beach, the store is actually really nice. We didn’t want to love it but we did.

They’re very strict about taking photos of the clothes (can’t say I blame them) but you are allowed to take photos of these gems:

{Can you guess whose lips are whose?!}

The boutique is really classy except for the abundance of Kardashian gear- $10 water bottles with their faces on them, every book a Kardashian has ever written (um, who knew there were so many), and their perfumes.

Not terrible but you definitely do not mistake whose store this is.

{And I may have bought a Dash shirt. Don’t judge.}

The prices are not cheap but the clothes are beautiful to look at. Or if you really want a pencil with a signature of the girls on it, this is the place to go!


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One Response to Miami: Dash

  1. Dani says:

    i will come clean… i actually tried to go in NYC but the line just to get in the store was around the block! no judgement here.

    i’m your new bloglovin’ follower by the way!

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