Monday Musings: Miami Trip

Ahhhh, warm weather in the 70’s. I forgot how much I had missed you.

Its back to work & coldness for me today but I am feeling relaxed after a weekend of catching up, shopping, & people watching with the best friend in Miami.

 Really, how could you not be after spending a weekend in this?

I made a last minute suitcase switch when I bought my first neon at Loft on Thursday night….

(neon nails too- look at me embracing the trend!)

I have to bring my A game when visiting the ridiculously stylish Kat:

Saturday was spent in South Beach ….

where after a busy day of shopping we had to have some fruity cocktails…..

Then we had to have a little break for an opening of a bar….

which turned out to be a block party for the Irish pub that’s a Latin dance club on the inside (only in Miami would you get that combination!).

{The Coors truck in the background makes this very classy, no?}

Overall I’m sad to be back to responsibilities & winter coats. But since it is cold out I’m back to rooting for snow days!


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6 Responses to Monday Musings: Miami Trip

  1. kellytang says:

    omgosh, I would have stayed their! LOL! The coldness is starting to get to me! You look great, love the neon striped top!


  2. pretty pink tulips says:

    Look at you two – beautiful and obviously having a great time!!! I’ve only been to Miami for a brief day, but boy did I love it!!

    xo elizabeth

  3. recipeforabeautifullife says:

    Love the neon polish! Who makes it??

  4. KittyKat says:

    hmm can I say I adore this reply!?!? however i might be a LITTLE biased

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