party in the city where the heat is on….

I’m going to Miami.

Which clearly means that for a week I have had Will Smith’s song stuck in my head. (I have refrained from singing it out loud though).

Luckily I’m visiting my best friend who I’ve known since kindergarten, so she wouldn’t be surprised by my bursting into song.

For some reason packing for this trip really stressed me out, probably because I had to unearth my summer clothes from the basement.

I decided to go with casual clothes and just throw a bunch of jewelry in my suitcase to fancy it up, if need be.

A little glimpse into my suitcase….

to shop the look

{these are the looks but not necessarily the brands.}

I’ll be back next week with my glorious Miami recap!


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One Response to party in the city where the heat is on….

  1. Oh I’m so jealous! A vacation now would be perfect! Love the items you picked out!

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