Heading to the Barre

A few weeks ago my trusty Daily Candy email arrived & informed me that barre3 had opened in Georgetown. The classes combine pilates & yoga with ballet moves for what seemed like a fun workout.

So I dragged my friend along on a Saturday morning, thinking we’d get a workout then head over to brunch (clearly the proper fitness plan).

 The inside is really peaceful, having more of a spa feel that goes well with the old charm of the building.

 {not your average locker room}

I can only speak for the Georgetown location, but its a really inviting atmosphere that puts you at ease while you are slowly torturing your body!

The workout itself is pretty killer but not impossible to get through. You feel your muscles working but you also don’t feel like you’re going to die if you keep going. There are multiple moves where your leg starts to shake uncontrollably, but they claim that’s a good thing.

 Our instructor was really great- there was no awkward moments of feeling that you were horribly out of place or that this class was way above you. Plus looking around the room we were all shaking like leaves, so that was a big confidence boost!

Barre3 has locations in a couple of states but seems to be expanding pretty rapidly. If you’re near one I would definitely check it out. Or track down their dvd to work out at home (using a sturdy chair instead of a barre). I bought it (since trekking into Georgetown to pay for a class won’t be happening every week) so will let you know how it compares!

In other news, I’m heading to my first CapFABB event tonight at Madewell & am pretty excited to meet some DC bloggers!


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One Response to Heading to the Barre

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    These barre method classes can be addicting. I go to one called Go Figure which is based out of Greenwich, CT. Love it!

    And, can’t wait to hear about your fabulous blogger get together!!! Be sure and take some pics and share who you meet!
    xo Elizabeth

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