Let’s Polka

The cold weather has really just started but I’m already looking forward to spring fashion- bright colors & fun patterns.

My favorites are the preppy staples, stripes & polka dots!

Something about polka dots though make an outfit just a little more fun & I’m loving all of these new dotted arrivals from some of my favorite affordable stores.

{Ok, Kate Spade may not be affordable but her iPhone cases are! And mine is currently adorned in the one from below}



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2 Responses to Let’s Polka

  1. So fun! Love polka dots – especially when mixed with other prints! And I totally need to get that iphone case – adorable!

  2. Glitterista says:

    I have the same case and I put it on my phone yesterday as I hadn’t used it in a long time and all was going well at the gym until–splat! My phone fell off my elliptical and the case cracked and fell under some one else’s machine. Thank goodness the phone was okay!

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