We’ll always have Paris….

There is nothing glorious about D.C. in January.

Its cold, its gray, & you just want to stay in your pajamas all day.

And while it hasn’t been too bad so far, I did want to recapture a little bit of our summer with an at-home Paris date.

I must say, it was quite successful! And as it was at the tail end of the three day weekend, it made it just slightly less painful to be at work this morning.

I decided to cook, which is always a risk! Luckily my husband’s  new iPad was there to set the mood with some French music….

We started off with some leftover cheese & wine, while my meal was taking longer than planned…..

Then I made this recipe for coq au vin, which was absolutely delicious for a winter’s meal.

And finally we ended the night watching Midnight in Paris.

Completely charming.

I’ll be spending today grading to the music of Cole Porter & dreaming of going home to read Fitzgerald with a cup of tea.

I can live in my own little Paris for now.


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3 Responses to We’ll always have Paris….

  1. valerossini says:

    Paris and everything about it.
    Very nice post for a winter melancholic day.

  2. pretty pink tulips says:

    That meal looks divine…and I loved Midnight in Paris!!!! Perfect date movie – even my husband enjoyed it!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Glitterista says:

    I am totally saving that recipe–I adore coq au vin and a shorter version looks divine! Glad you had such a great Parisian escape. 😉

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