Monday Musings

To all those at work right now- I’m sorry.

I’m still in my pajamas after having eaten a delicious brunch & playing with the puppy.

3 day weekends are the best, especially when they’re filled with lots of lazy hours!

Our weekend was spent watching football, eating home cooked meals, & seeing friends…. while watching football (go Giants!).

We didn’t really venture out for date nights this weekend but did go out last week for DC Restaurant Week.

The food at Cafe du Parc was delicious but we both agreed that the ambenience was better suited for a lunch crowd. Very bright & not very intimate. I would suggest it for lunch or when it was warmer out to sit outside.

We of course went out when it was freezing cold & pouring rain. Practical.

So I turned to my trusty winter date night dress (which is sleeveless, so again, not really practical), threw on some boots, pulled my hair up, & called it a night.

Feet dry & I didn’t have to worry about frizzy hair.

Tonight we’re keeping with the French theme with an at-home date & meal cooked by yours truly.

{If I’m not still cowering in a corner still from our nephew’s reptile-themed party. Complete with real reptiles. Ew.}

Enjoy your Monday whether you’re at home or at work!


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