Room Pin-spiration

Happy Friday the 13th!

Now that winter has hit, the holidays are over, & I’m spending more time inside my house I’ve realized its time to start working on the decor again. We’ve lived there for almost 3 years & all the rooms have their main elements. Furniture is  done, the walls are all painted, & the layout is complete (small rooms make that easy).

I feel like most of our rooms though are missing a little something. Rugs are needed, curtains might need to go up, & smaller touches can be added.

Adding to my new found obsession are these design blogs:

Hi Sugarplum

A Thoughtful Place

Modern Jane

So where to begin?

I’ve been looking at inspiration to spruce up the bedroom. The only problem is that in the (hopefully near) future we’ll be getting a new bed & then new linens, so I’m limited on how radically to change the room.

But I have started an inspiration board on Pinterest to get an idea of how I want the final room to look, then see what I can add in for now:

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


Pinned Image


White linens with pops of bright colors in preppy designs, clean lines with the bedside tables (already have), & a comfortable but neutral headboard.

For now I might start looking at rugs in neutral colors since they’ll fit in with my future aesthetic, replace our ugly full length mirror that was left in the house, & try to figure out what to do with this odd corner in our room:

Using Better Homes & Gardens’ Arrange a Room, I was able to do this: 

It looks bigger than it is, but the door on the right wall is to a closet. There’s a radiator across from the end of the bed, so I’m left with this small area in between.

What do I put there? Any suggestions?


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4 Responses to Room Pin-spiration

  1. Hannah says:

    Love the sunburst mirror over the bed and definitely monagrammed pillows! xo

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  2. pretty pink tulips says:

    Those are great resources to help you plan your space. Love the direction you’re headed!! Enjoy the weekend and time to pin!

    xo Elizabeth

  3. Love all the inspiration photos! And you’re right about those blogs being a great place for added inspiration! The H&G tool is a great resource! Good luck pulling it together! 🙂

  4. modern jane says:

    Thanks so much for including me! Looking forward to seeing how you add those little somethings!

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