Gatsby’s Girl

I decided to kick off my year of reading better by rereading my favorite (is that cheating?!), The Great Gatsby.

So while dreaming of lounging around West Egg with a cocktail & Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford version, of course), I naturally started to envision all the glorious dresses that Daisy Buchanan would be wearing instead of my flannel pj’s.

I’m loving pale pinks, creams, & whites right now, maybe because it reminds me of summer. But Daisy would look lovely & light as a feather even in winter.

So to feel more airy & bright, I’m going to try to incorporate more of these pale colors into my winter wardrobe to brighten up for dreary days.

{Though this also may require an investment into good fake tanner or bronzer!}



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2 Responses to Gatsby’s Girl

  1. Happy Reading-
    Would you believe I have never read that??
    How did I ever get out of high school!!

    Happy Wednesday ♥

  2. Ruth says:

    I have not read that in forever

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