Monday Musings

After a crazy December I was beyond excited to spend a weekend at home, with no major plans.

With a Friday spent cleaning, Saturday & Sunday was left for fun.

With 60 degree weather on Saturday I dragged my husband around Georgetown to shop & bask in the sun, buying some treats from Anthropologie to spruce up the post-Christmas decor in our home.

My favorite:


The “B” with the two candle votives on my makeshift “mantle” (the piano).

We followed that up by sitting outside at a local restaurant, having a drink & pretending it was not actually January. It started to get cooler though, so we went home where I played with the puppy & my husband made us dinner (um, spoiled much?!)

{Mussels & frites, courtesy of Bobby Flay. Delicious!}

Our Saturday date continued with …… Just Dance 3 in our living room. Our dog may have been in the corner, a little frightened, but we may be a little addicted. Hopefully our neighbors can’t see in our window, though I’m sure they’d just be jealous!

Sunday was brunch, again made by my husband (I’m pretty worthless, aren’t I?!). Then friends & football!

Overall a fantastic, low-key weekend.

And next weekend is shaping up to be the same, minus the gorgeous weather.

Hibernation 2012 is beginning!


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3 Responses to Monday Musings

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    This sounds like an absolutely ideal weekend. I think after the flurry of holiday activities/parties….laying low is just the ticket!

    Happy Monday!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Hi there, just want to let you know that i read all of your posts, as I follow by email…but I just don’t comment very often. You do a great job and are very entertaining…Thanks.

  3. designchic says:

    My perfect weekend. We had a low key weekend, dinner with friends, with a fabulous Sunday brunch. Your brunch looks delish!!

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