For as long as I can remember my New Year’s resolution has been everyone’s favorite: get in shape.

For the first time in oh, say 10 years, I can honestly say that I have other priorities this year- woohoo!

Not that getting in shape has been 100% accomplished, but for the past 2 years I’ve been pretty consistent with working out. And last year I started to eat healthier, which had been another goal.

So since I finally kept a resolution for real last year, I feel much more motivated to make new ones for this year! Especially since I’m blogging about them & will be held accountable.

1. Get organized.

I feel that this past fall especially was stressful & a lot of things were falling through the cracks. I need to be organized & love nothing more than everything in my desk being put in its place- now I need to get my schedule & time organized as well! So this is my biggest resolution for this year, so that both work & my home life are smooth sailing.


2. Get to work early.

I hate mornings. And this one is really hard as I have to be at work by 7am anyways. Each school year I manage to start off by being early, allowing myself 30-40 minutes before the students come to settle in for the day. Then it gets cold & dark. And my bed is so much more comfortable.

However, this helps out with resolution #1, so we’ll see if I can keep this. So far we’re one day down & its been successful!


3. Explore more.

Every time I visit New York City I lament about all the cool things I could do if I lived there. And then come home to D.C. & do not take advantage of the fact that I do live near a city that offers plenty.  So this year I’m going to check each month for fun events to attend or touristy places I haven’t seen since I was a kid for my husband & I to go to. Bonus is that we get plenty of date time!


4. Read better.

I love to read but find myself devouring more & more non-fiction books. Which is not bad, I’d just like to sprinkle in some more classic novels & non-fiction books. Professionally, I need to take the time to read the news more thoroughly & perhaps finally get cracking on the long stack of books I have sitting here in my classroom.

5. Improve The Yuppie Files.

Its been almost a  year since I’ve seriously worked on this blog & its amazing how much I’ve learned & the people I’ve “met”. I would like to expand readership & in general just improve my blog because I have so much fun doing it! The first step was a makeover & I feel like this was the perfect thing to do to kick off 2012!

So there are my resolutions- thoughts?

Any good ones you’d like to keep this year?


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One Response to Resolutions

  1. Sounds like a great/short/doable list:)

    I am with you on the organization. I am always trying to organize something. I have been doing that for the past 2 days:) From the pantry to the laundry room. Today is the master closet! funnnnn!

    Happy New Year!!!

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