Monday Musings

Its so close to winter break & the kids are going nuts at school!

We’re not there yet- I’ve got four days of trying to get hyper teenagers to settle down & learn about government. All the while I’m jumping to get out of here too!

The in-laws are coming in for Christmas, so this past weekend my parents came to celebrate.

And somehow we got some celebrating in between them spoiling our dog.

I wanted to take advantage of all the fun Christmas events around the city that we always want to do but somehow never get to.

Friday night we checked out the Christmas market at Penn Quarter:

Local artisans were selling everything from candles to purses to art.

(A lot of them are familiar from Eastern Market & other summertime markets).

Sadly we did not take advantage of this offer.

Saturday I got us tickets to see Ice, which I had always heard was amazing but never really got it. A bunch of ice sculptures should be pretty fun but was it worth the pricey ticket & line waiting?

Um, yes.

I’ll do a post later this week on it but it was a hit !

An added bonus was walking around the inside of the Gaylord Hotel:

Had I known about all that was going on I may have made us make gingerbread homes,

It was pretty cold out so we snuggled in our home for the night to eat, drink, & open presents.

We even got a little bit of snow flurries to look at!

(The best kind- brief, pretty, & gone in 10 minutes).

Its a good thing I get a break next week- too much celebrating is making me exhausted!


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