Good Morning

I hate waking up.

There are few occasions where getting out of bed ever seems enjoyable. I’m a girl who likes her sleep & likes a lot of it!

So naturally I pick a job where I have to be leaving the house at 6:30 am at the latest. High school teacher- what was I thinking?!

Now that its cold & dark out its especially unappealing to get up. So the little things motivate me to not totally hate those hours.

 Warm & sparkly sweaters to brighten the day.

 A box full of Clinque to make me look awake!

 Waking up is a little easier when someone is there whining for their breakfast…. but also is the best morning greeter.

 I allow myself one caffeinated drink a day… and more often than not its in the morning. Oops.

 My new coat! Not only is it warm & practical, but the fur is my new favorite.

 This past week my wreath has made me a bit happier when I open the door…. to complete darkness.

Its my little morning moments that make me get in my freezing car to corral 30 teenagers into learning at 7:20 am.

 Though I will admit- I gladly give up these moments on weekends for a bit of extra sleep!


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One Response to Good Morning

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    I’ve had to get up “really” early (for me) the past 2 days to get into nyc in time for the blogshop class. And, it’s hard. I so empathize with your early mornings and am so happy you have some time off soon to sleep in or do as you wish!!!

    Here’s to holiday breaks!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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