A New Year, A New Look

Having contemplated for awhile about getting my blog spruced up, I finally took the plunge.

Really, I don’t know why I waited (laziness) but I have to say- I’m beyond thrilled!

And while its not quite 2012 yet, I just couldn’t wait!

Thanks to the lovely Shannon at Sweet Bean Co. I’ve got my very own custom header, signature, & buttons!


Having emailed Shannon on Wednesday I got my new look on…. Thursday!

She is super sweet & managed to take my really vague descriptions of what look I was going for & managed to come up with something absolutely perfect.

I am beyond excited the new look & am hoping to brainstorm on how to make my blog better for 2012. I think this was just the jumpstart it needed!

So thank you Shannon!

Sweet Bean Co.


About The Yuppie Files

Blogger at The Yuppie Files, aiming to bring a little style to everyday life.
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2 Responses to A New Year, A New Look

  1. Looks great…..I wouldn’t expect any less from Shannon though! I just love it:)

    Be sure to swing by and enter my Scarlet Threads Giveaway!! Hope you have a great weekend:)

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