Monday Musings

This weekend was a whirlwind of party prep, followed by what felt like a party that lasted 10 minutes. All of a sudden it was Sunday & all that remained of our holiday party was a tired dog & empty champagne glasses!

Needless to say, yesterday was spent on the couch & not uploading photos. The party pics will have to come later this week.

But now that I don’t have a list of things to bake & rooms to clean, I’m enjoying some relaxation after work before family comes to visit & my hostess hat will be put back on this weekend.

My favorite part of Sunday:


Finishing Breaking Night & starting Mockingjay.

A day of lounging around & reading was just what I needed!

I’m looking forward to some {surprise} winter dates planned for this week, with the advent calendar I made for my husband.

Driving around looking at Christmas lights, ice skating, & gingerbread house making are all on the agenda!

I’m trying to cram as much Christmas fun into this December!

What else should I add to my list?


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