Treat Yo’ Self!

My husband’s & my obsession this year is Parks and Recreation.


And the best moment of the show has been a little lesson that we took to heart when going to the outlets over Thanksgiving:

Still confused?

Having been our mantra as we scoured for deals that would not be wrapped under the tree, I think its a good remind for the holiday season.

We fight our way through the mall, give back (which you all should do!), bustle around to visit as many family members as possible, and are exhausted and sick by New Year’s Eve.

Ok, so maybe not go on a treat yo’ self shopping spree (this month at least- wait until January!) but make sure to treat yourself to an hour of rest every day or a trip to the nail salon (my advice this week).

My plan this weekend: after a busy week planning for our holiday party on Saturday, I am having the laziest day possible on Sunday with lots of Christmas movie watching and book reading.

So, how are you going to treat yourself this weekend?

{And how many of you are now planning a Treat Yo’ Self Day?! Because really, it sounds like the best cure for mid-February blues!)


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2 Responses to Treat Yo’ Self!

  1. Glitterista says:

    Love Parks & Rec! Can’t wait to treat myself to an afternoon of baking and holiday music. 😉

  2. Beth Dunn says:

    I’m being super lazy today!!! Love to sit and read

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