Around the {blog} world in…..

I’m a little punchy today (could you tell from the blog title?!).

I woke up at the exact time I was supposed to be leaving the house. And as a teacher, going into work late is not really a feasible option.

With visions of teenagers attacking my desk, drawing on the whiteboard, and throwing their notebooks through the air, I somehow made it to work before the bell rang.

Not entirely sure what my face looks like as I threw some makeup on it, but I’m here.

On that note, my post for today is not ready & I’m a bit frazzled. So I’m taking you on a tour through some of my favorite posts of this week!

Aspiring Kennedy

Tells us how to make the most delicious looking nutella poptarts. Seriously don’t read if you’re already hungry or you only packed a salad for lunch. Save it for when you can make them yourself!

The Blonde Episodes

Has a pretty great giveaway going to win the first season of Pretty Little Liars. She got to go to the set this week, so look out for a future post about that. (Seriously, how cool is that?!)

Fabulous K

Gets us in the holiday spirit by showing us how to make gold, glittery ornaments that are very tasteful.

Fairy Tales Are True

Introduces us to VIE magazine, where she is featured this month!

Flip Flops & Pearls

Lets us know what to get that runner in our family. As someone who is much lazier than Daphne, her list is extremely helpful as I would not know where to start!

Hi Sugarplum!

Is making me jealous with not one but TWO fireplace mantels! Need some inspiration for yours? She has two very different & very awesome ideas.

{I’m partial to the pink}

Pink Zin

Gives us a quote that will make those having a rough week feel just a tad better about life.

Pretty Pink Tulips

Has an adorable photo of her son & gorgeous flower arrangements. Warning: you may feel really terrible about your fake ones. My Martha Stewart wreath? Not so cute anymore!

VMac and Cheese

Discusses little luxuries that will remind you to treat yourself during the holiday season!

{I got a mani-pedi last night as my luxury. Great decision.}

Any great posts from this week that I’ve missed?

*all photos are from the blogs featured


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