My New Year’s Date

I’ve had a stressful fall, which can be my only excuse for not knowing that Mr. Jon Bon Jovi himself is in New Years Eve!


Seriously, how could I miss this?!

I’d been wanting to see the movie but how did I miss this key piece of casting information?!

I’ve already declared my love for Jon and will admit to have sitting through a few of his movies. Like this one.


Yep. I was one of 5 people who watched that.

So I’m now pretty psyched at seeing him in what looks like a decent film (as in it made it to the theaters at least).



And as I do love Lea Michele, this duet could be really good…… or horrific. I feel like there may be no in between.

This alone has sprung New Years Eve to the top of my must-see movie list!

I’ve already seen The Muppets & Breaking Dawn– I think it may be time to see a holiday movie that is actually aimed at adults.

What other movie news am I missing?!?!


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One Response to My New Year’s Date

  1. shannonwebb says:

    Hey girl, just decided to take a look at your blog and low and behold I discovered that you’re a JBJ fan too! Oh my, I love me some Jon Bon Jovi! I want to see this movie too! Hope you’re having a good day!

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