On the first day of Christmas…..

My true love got a semi-sketchy homemade gift from me!

 I’ve been in a Christmas-crafty mood.

Unfortunately my results have not turned out quite as I’d hoped.

First there was this piece of inspiration:


I wanted to make a “Joyeux Noel” sign in honor of our summer trip to Paris, so thought this would be adorable. I chose a simple framed chalkboard, thinking that since our house tends to not be so fancy or frou-frou (the male influence, toning my taste down) it would look perfect.

I also painted it a more festive  red.

My husband took one look at it and asked why I made an Etch-a-Sketch.

Ugh. Any suggestions to make it look less so? Because now its all I can think about when I pass it!

My next project was to make this adorable advent calendar that Hi Sugarplum! put on her website.


{If  you need diy inspiration, just read her blog. Its awesome!}

As I have no children I thought  this would be a cute idea for my husband, with 25 days of fun Christmas-y surprise dates… and candy because a date every night was not realistic.

I decided to keep the corkboard frame plain, so it had a more “natural” feel. I went fancy with the wrapping paper.


This is why Hi Sugarplum! used plain paper. My husband arrived home by the time I finished this mess and decided I hated it. It was just way too busy and looked a mess.

I kicked him out and started over.

The good news was that the clothespins were tacked on, so easy to remove without destroying them (highly recommended).

The wrapping paper easily came off because the glue didn’t stick too well to the corkboard.

Quick fix ended with this:

Very similar  to Hi Sugarplum’s but a lot more easy on the eyes!

The tree looked incomplete with the ribbon, and the plain red background made the corkboard pop without overwhelming all the little details. Keeping the frame and clothespins plain made it a little more husband-friendly, but I would definitely paint them if this was for kids.

Hi Sugarplum! has a whole list of Christmas projects that I want to try…. hopefully with slightly better results!

But seriously: any suggestions for the Etch-a-Sketch?!?!


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  1. Yours looks so cute!!! thanks for the link love!

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