Thankful Tuesday

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

My husband & I alternate holidays with our families, so this Thanksgiving it was with my folks in Williamsburg.

Some highlights from our trip:

 On Thanksgiving Day my parents are busy cooking & tend to kick us out for a bit, so we walk around Colonial Williamsburg. The best part is going to the Raleigh Tavern Bakery for hot cider & gingerbread cookies.

{Something about the fountain sodas in the fireplace makes it lose some of its authenticity……}

This year was even better because we had a dog to walk with! She met horses for the first time & was not too thrilled about it.

{Also notice I am wearing my French jacket– I was pretty excited to get some extra use out of it while the weather was nice!}

I have never taken part in Black Friday but we decided to go to the midnight madness at the outlets. We went a bit early & here’s our secret: outlets really aren’t that crowded. There’s a ton of people, there’s a lot of lines (especially if you go towards specialty stores like Nike or Coach) but no one waiting on their chairs for 12 hours.

We walked right through a lot of stores & only had to wait in this line for Kate Spade. So worth it though for this came home with me, in black:

 For $35.

For really, Thanksgiving is all about the good deals you get, right?

{I’m kidding}

Now its full swing in my house for Christmas- we’ve got a little less than 2 weeks until our annual party so there’s no holiday rest!

Anyone else go crazy & join in Black Friday?

Or feel like suddenly they got slammed with Christmas ?


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