Monday Musings

I was feeling very sparkly this weekend!

Perhaps its the upcoming holiday season, but I’m a bit of a magpie  right now.

Well, more than unusual I guess.

Some of my glittery favorites from this weekend:

Admiring my shoes that I got through Aspiring Kennedy’s Four Sale!

Yeah, I’ve blogged about them enough already but aren’t they adorable?

Fun H&M bracelet that I wore for a girls’ night out on Friday.

I bought a few of the Muppets OPI nail polish & tried out Pepe’s Purple Passion.

It has small bits of glitter that look really pretty in the bottle but kind of make the polish look smudged on your nail.

Ok, so the book isn’t sparkly at all but it has a metallic looking cover so close enough! It’s taking me forever to get the books from the library but I’m pretty excited I finally got the second one!

{Also you can see my pretty sweet plaid pajamas that are about 10 years old}


Even my iPhone is glitter filled! This is my new wallpaper since its not quite time for something Christmas-y but this still seems seasonal.

I’ll be posting Tuesday & Wednesday but am taking off the rest of the week for Thanksgiving, family time, & some midnight outlet shopping!!!


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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    I love sparkly things for the holidays!!! L.O.V.E those shoes you got from Aspiring Kennedy!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

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