Flirting with Temptation Thursday: A Day Off Work

My husband took today off & I’m a little jealous.

Granted, its because we’re getting a new front door installed because I accidentally broke our old one, but nevertheless I’d still like to be home!

So my temptation today is playing hooky & all the things I’d do instead of being at work!


I’d start with breakfast in bed….


Continue with some reading in bed.

I’m sure at this point I would have to feed the dog & take her for a walk, but when I got back I’d…..


Catch up on emails, blogs, maybe do some online shopping. All while catching up on my dvr.


Or watch my favorite movie.


I would have one of my favorite meals – grazing on a cheese board- sometime mid-afternoon.


I would eventually leave the house for a happy hour with some girlfriends.



Skip the going out & spend a quiet night in with the dog & the husband. Totally the more likely scenario!

Make sure to check out what is tempting others at The Blonde Episodes!


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