Tied up in knots

I have a good friend that is my trusted source for fashion & beauty advice.

We have the same sense of style, so I like to run ideas by her for oh, pretty much any occasion.

I was a bridesmaid in her wedding this past October & while I was sitting in the hair salon wondering what the heck to do with my hair, my fashion consultant came through, pulling out her cell phone with a look she thought would be perfect on me.

On her freaking wedding day.

One can never rest being my informal fashion consultant!

Clearly it was a brilliant idea & I was in love with my hair the entire day (when I wasn’t crying during the ceremony or dancing like a fool at the reception).

While I liked the top knot before, I’m now obsessed with it.

Every magazine I look at, I admire it. Its elegant without being too fussy. Classic without being boring.

Of course, seeing some of my favorites wearing it helped:

Look at me, right in the middle of a trend!

{Something that never happens.}

Since I got my hair done professionally, I haven’t tried to replicate it. But with the holiday season quickly coming up, I know I’m going to want to get dressed up & try it again, before it goes out of style!

Here’s a few instructions I’ve found:

For a sleeker bun (like mine & Reese’s) these seem to be the best instructions.

If you want a messier, less formal version this video from Us Weekly & Whitney Port makes it look very simple.


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