Etsy Shopping: Evelyn Mae Creations

Happy Election Day!

I won’t lecture you on the importance of voting or why even local elections are extremely important, just know that if you weren’t planning on voting today I’m giving you my stern teacher look. Its withering, trust me.

As someone who has been yelling informing people of the importance of voting for oh,  I think this message would be a lot more efficient …. and  prettier. And I wouldn’t run the risk of being that girl avoided at parties.

Evelyn Mae Creations has a ton of adorable charms.

And I mean, a ton! There are all sorts of different ones you can get, for your favorite hobbies…

Favorite travels…..

Favorite books…..

Life-changing occasions….

And stances on important issues……

Seriously, the movie is coming out this month. You do not want to be unprepared!

Check them out- they’re kind of perfect for upcoming Christmas gifts, right?


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