Monday Musings

Sorry I’ve been MIA this past week.

It’s the end of the quarter & I’ve been buried under papers!

(Of course my students have been very helpful & letting me know that in the future, I could just assign less stuff & then not have this problem.)

This weekend was not too exciting, as I spent it…. grading. However there were a few highlights:


Friday date night: we went to our neighbor’s art opening, then followed up by an equally cultural experience of eating loads of cheese, drinking more wine, & catching up on our favorite tv shows.


Today & tomorrow are teacher workdays, which means I get to sleep in!

And while the above was not really the scene of my breakfast, I can take full advantage of grading papers on my bed/couch, drinking my tea, & not changing out of my pajamas. Unless its to get into sweatpants.

I did have plenty of social plans for this weekend but had to cancel them all to get work done & because I was not feeling well.

So I made myself a little happier by watching West Wing while grading. Lots of government fun for me!

So on that note, here’s some words of wisdom from Mr.Sam Seaborn on education.

{Saturday we watched Bad Teacher & I wanted to post the scene where Cameron Diaz is grading papers, writing comments like “Stupid” & “Are you f%&ing kidding me”. Alas, its not on YouTube, so you’re getting the much more positive education clip!}

Anyone have a more exciting weekend ?


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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. Glitterista says:

    I remember watching this episode years ago and thinking, “Yes, yes yes!”

    Hope you’re enjoying your comfortable bed/couch and sweats. 🙂

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