Welcome to my class….

You’ll have to excuse me.

Its towards the end of the quarter, so if the blog is a bit spotty these next two weeks, bear with me.

I have papers to grade, tests to give, and notes to lecture on.

But we’re discussing my favorite unit in class- political parties, elections, & the media.

And to kick it off I play one of my favorite documentaries that is so entertaining I wanted to share it with you.


Sure, its a little dated now, but if you want a highly entertaining behind-the-scenes of a presidential campaign, this is it.

And if you don’t? George W. Bush’s transformation is pretty fascinating & there’s plenty of hilarious quips from him.


It’s not actually a very political film. Alexandra Pelosi is the daughter of Nancy Pelosi, so you get a Democrat covering a Republican campaign. The focus is more on what happens in a campaign, what the media goes through, & who Bush is more as a person versus who he presents himself as a candidate.

In fact, one of my favorite scenes is Bush giving Pelosi dating advice.

Trust me, its not your typical dull government doc!


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