Baby Its (Almost) Cold Outside

I have a dilemma & I need your help!

My everyday winter coat is dead.

There’s holes in the lining, the outside is frayed, & in general it has a dirty look to it from being just old.

I need a coat that I can wear to school everyday, so it has to be nice enough to wear with dresses but not too nice so that I freak out when I accidentally roll over it with my chair.

I’ve searched through the mall & here are some contenders but I’m not entirely too happy with any of them:

J. Crew

stadium-cloth elements coat

majesty peacoat

I like both styles but do not like the price range.

$260-325 is not really what I want to spend  towards a coat I’m going to beat up all winter long.

Banana Republic

classic double-breasted peacoat

Nice, but a little boring. And the shortness is going to look ridiculous with a lot of my longer sweaters, dresses, etc.

BR monogram black trench

So far this is the front runner. Slightly better priced than J Crew, long enough, and it looks good on.

However, it’s a little boring right? Or is it just a classic coat that I will be glad I got after the fact? I don’t know.


My usual go-to. They failed me. Their one winter coat that fits into my criteria just looks weird on.

Lands End Canvas

heritage wool pea coat

See above issues on shorter coats.

double-breasted coat

Its pretty much the same price as the Banana monogram one,  which I think I like better.

Overall readers, what do I do?

Are there any other places I need to be checking out (besides the whopping 4 I’ve gone to)?

Or do I just suck it up, buy the Banana one, & accept that its a good, sturdy coat that will take me through the winter.



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3 Responses to Baby Its (Almost) Cold Outside

  1. Kara Wilson says:

    All of them are very cute! You could also custom design your own. I made this jacket out of wool and it would look super cute in a longer version in black for everyday winter wear.

  2. Glitterista says:

    I adore J. Crew coats! They may be having a promotion on them next week, so I’d hold out for that. I have a bunch of them and the thinsulate keeps me really warm and they last forever. I also love department store coat departments for lots of great deals and sometimes even TJ Maxx or Marshalls have gems hidden! 😉

    Although it won’t be helpful for this year–you may want to look at end-of-season sales as I’ve picked up winter coats for a song.

    I do think the Banana one is a classic shape that will look good with everything.

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