Etsy Shopping: TheWordShop

Fall is the time I start thinking about Christmas gifts.

My mom always collected gifts throughout the year, avoiding the crowds at the mall & collecting unique items when she saw them.

While I’m not quite at that level (yet) I do like to get the shopping out of the way before the madness hits. And more importantly, before our annual Christmas party so that there are pretty gifts under the tree!

I’m already thinking these prints from TheWordShop might be some nice gifts for the home?

This would be fun in the home of someone who just traveled to Paris.

{hint, hint!}

Adorable in a bright, cheery kitchen.

Another fun kitchen collection.

For a sweet newlywed? Or just your favorite mushy couple.

How cute would this look in a nursery?

A whole selection for the New Yorker.

And of course, you can’t forget about your favorite blogger!

I love how simple and fun each print is.

A lot of them, like the kitchen utensils and cuts of meat, come in a selection of colors to customize to your home. Or your recipient’s home.

Though really, its October. You might as well still buy presents for yourself!

all images from TheWordShop


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