Lunch time!

As a teacher the idea of buying lunch is foreign to me.

I mean, really. Cafeteria food is unacceptable to eat as an adult!

With 30 minutes to get to the lunchroom, eat, go to the bathroom, and get back before the students, going off campus is not really an option.

So I returned to the world of packing my lunch.

The problem was my lunches had gotten more complex than they were as a kid.

No more sandwich, chips, fruit, juicebox, cookie.

Now I had to fit in salads, leftover dinners, and soup.

I struggled for awhile to find the perfect lunchbox that could fit my odd tupperware & also look adult enough.

Then one day a lightbulb went on and I checked out the Scout by Bungalow selection.

There is the doggie bag.

The Ice Ice Baby (mine!)

El Deano.

The Cool Clutch.

Each has a couple of different patterns it comes in, making lunches a little more fun while still being grownup.

Plus, they are super easy to clean when your soup or salad dressing explodes.



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One Response to Lunch time!

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    I’m lucky because most days I get to eat at home…but these are so adorable, I almost want to have to take my lunch someplace, just to have an excuse to get one!!!!

    I’ll bet you’re the envy of the cafeteria!!!
    xoxo elizabeth

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