Bookworm: The Innocent

I finally got The Hunger Games from my local library, so had to frantically hurry up the book I was reading to start it.

Which may be part of why I didn’t like Ian McEwan’s The Innocent. Or it could be because it was just unpleasant.

Let me start off with my love for Ian McEwan. Atonement is a favorite (not the movie version however). Saturday was excellent. There are a couple of others I’ve read & enjoyed.

I think he’s a brilliant writer who examines ordinary people who find themselves in exceptional & a lot of times horrifying situations.

In theory The Innocent should be right up my alley. It takes place in Berlin after WWII- perfect historical backdrop.

There is a little mystery and espionage. There’s a love story.

Here’s the issue: the espionage plods along because McEwan goes into A LOT of detail on the protagonist’s job, helping with the underground tunnel into the Russian sector. Fascinating job, right? McEwan makes it mind-numbing. Which may be the point but it doesn’t make for a good read!

The love story is….. not really something you cheer for. They go through all these obstacles and it ends with the twist.

Sure, the twist I did not see coming. It surprised me. But it also left me slightly nauseous, so I can’t say it was a good surprise.

I get that’s it still tightly written & it does keep you in suspense. Its just really not that good of a story.

Anyone read it? Did anyone enjoy it?

Are there any other McEwan novels I should stay away from so as not to be let down again?

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One Response to Bookworm: The Innocent

  1. pretty pink tulips says:

    I haven’t read it, but now you have my curiosity up!!! I started Atonement and never finished….feeling like I need to go back and finish it!!

    Love when you finish a good book!!
    xo Elizabeth

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