Style Icon: Reese Witherspoon

I’m a preppy girl & I appreciate the celebrities whose style I can copy in my everyday life.

Which is why today’s Style Icon is Reese Witherspoon!

She is the all-American girl who does a great job of adding in subtle trends to classic outfits.  She always looks put together while not trying too hard, cute while still attainable.

How to dress like Reese?

1. Unexpected jewelry– Looking at photos, green earrings are a favorite for her. A lot of times she will add 1 piece of funky jewelry to a classic or preppy outfit, or add a pop of color that you wouldn’t expect (like her yellow dress/red shoes post-divorce outfit).

2. Classic, fitted dresses in preppy colors– Blues, reds, whites, and blacks rotate in her wardrobe frequently. Sheath dresses with fun neckline detailing in these colors make her look sophisticated yet youthful.

3. Flirty, girls skirts– Flower patterned mini shirts in loose shapes are cute without being too young or sexy. She usually pairs them with ballet flats & a plain shirt.

4. Chocolate brown boots– She pairs them with everything from trendy denim dresses to your classic winter pair of jeans. Comfortable, stylish, & useful all year round.

5. Practical, large bags– Not as big as some in Hollywood but enough to hold all your practical items & then some. She’s also a fan of crossbody bags, making it easier to shop! (Or in her case probably handle her kids. But for me, it’d be shopping hands!)

Any Style Icons you’d like to see?

I need ideas or else it’ll be another person dressing in classic clothes with a preppy twist! Clearly you can see the style I gravitate to!

images 1,3,4, image 2


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One Response to Style Icon: Reese Witherspoon

  1. Man, I sure do love that bag…just needs some Pink accents! I love Reese also…Pinkim.

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