3Day Report: Part 3

I decided to finish up my 3Day report today.

To best show you what the 3Day is really like, here’s a little glimpse of my past weekend.

Opening ceremonies at Nationals Stadium, with breast cancer survivors.

One of the safety crew, who are responsible for making sure we get across busy intersections. And to keep us motivated with wacky costumes & music!

There are 5 pit stops each day, where you can rest, get food, get water, and go to the port-a-potty. Each has a different theme as something fun to keep you going- this may be my favorite!

This florist hands out pink carnations every year to the walkers. The sweet little things that people do to thank you while you walk are the best!

A view of the walkers, going uphill.

Inspiring signs to keep us going.

Unfortunately this is a major part of your weekend!

The little pink tent town.

Some pretty great sights along the way.

Plus daily themed clothing! We went for the football theme for Sunday 🙂

The finish line! With a large crowd to cheer on your accomplishment.

And the excitement of having finished the walk and making a difference.

There are just tiny moments from the weekend.

Its hard to capture everything.

The annoyance at the rain and mud.

The tears at the opening ceremony.

The fun of seeing 3Day regulars.

Or the hilarious moments that only happen when you spend A LOT of time with someone in VERY close quarters.

Its an amazing experience & I can’t wait to go back next year as part of the crew.



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One Response to 3Day Report: Part 3

  1. Abby says:

    I go to American and we had those tents all over our quad Monday morning! Apparently one of the on campus groups was airing them out after the race 🙂

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