3Day Report: Part 2

I gave you some brief information yesterday about the 3Day yesterday but there’s one key question that was missing:

Why do I walk?

I’ve had a couple of women in my family who battled & survived breast cancer but it wasn’t until 2008 when my mom got it that it really hit me.

She caught it early but seeing how bad the treatment was really opened my eyes. This is not a disease to take lightly- even with the best prognosis you’re losing more  than a year of your life fighting it off.

Today I am happy to report she is fine & feeling great!

I couldn’t help her fight off the cancer but I also couldn’t just sit around & pretend breast cancer didn’t exist.

I’m not a runner, so that eliminated a lot of events! I didn’t want to just write a check because that’s too easy.

So I looked into the 3Day.

I somehow suckered my good friend Lauren into doing it with me & we did our first walk in 2009.

As I said last post, we crewed in 2010 to take a fundraising break.

{We also clearly wore ridiculous outfits both years}

None of it is easy, which is the point.

However, it was MUCH easier the second time around because we knew what to expect.

And pack.

No need to iron!

So with two years experience we set off a little (ahem, older) & wiser for 2011.

Tomorrow & Friday I will explain exactly what happens at the 3Day, the characters you will meet, & the people that keep us going mile after mile.

Any questions? I’ll be more than happy to answer them!


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